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Financial and Business Acumen

POM - Pricing operating model e PIP- Pricing Improvement project

Business / Company

Automated industrial systems

Global company

Annual revenue of €3.5 billion

Company position in the business: No 1-2 depending on the markets

Project Target and Frame

Corporate marketing and pricing functions

Sales organisation of local markets companies

Project goals are:

Change the approach to price-setting and management

Improve average selling price in the different sales channels and customer segments

Implementation in key markets (China, Germany, Mexico)

Customer Interface

Division marketing

Division pricing function

Local markets sales people

Our Contribution

Validated and fine-tuned the new pricing operating model (in terms of goals, KPIs, frame of application)

Supported the company to deploy the new pricing approach in different local markets

Provided benchmarks and best practise in pricing management from other industries

Coached and supported local sales organisations with the price improvement initiatives

Deployed the new approach through the design, organization and delivery of several workshops with all key people in the sales network.

Achieved Results

Average price level improvement in line with set targets

Increase in % Gross Profit

Specific contribution to the solution of pricing improvement cases (related to key accounts, frame agreement settings & more)

Higher sales profitability