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Sales Profitable Growth

Design and implement a new Territory Management approach

Business / Company

Global mining and construction equipment company

5 billions Eu

Company position in the business: leader in most markets, Nr 2 in others

Project Target and Frame

Increase global markets presence as fundamental driver for profitable market share increase

Increase existing Sales structure (direct and indirect) efficiency and performance in assigned territories

Customer Interface

Specific Divisions company Presidents

VPs Marketing

Global Sales network and key Sales support funtions (about 500 people)

Our Contribution

Design a new Territory Management approach (Strategy)

Frame a template to structure and present from each local markets GMs their TTM 3 years plans; (Planning and Tools)

Workshop with the overall global Sales network to introduce the «new way» and improve TTM knowlede and skills

Follow-up TTM plans preparation and initial implementation

Achieved Results

More efficient territory coverage and market presence, higher Sales and better Sales efficiency through:

new TTM approach in place in the whole organization globally;

all Markets TTM Plans prepared and presented to Top Management;

local organizational changes for better selling efficiency.