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Dealers Management and Profitability

Business / Company

Global Company operating in the Truck industry and transportation solution

Heavy connected vehicles

Project Target and Frame
Develop and support Dealers owners and their first line Managersi dto improve their abilities to manage and develop their Companies and gain profitable market share

By product of the project is to strenghten the business relation between the Dealers network and the producer

Customer Interface

Local market Managing Directorgetto and Sales network development Manager

Dealer Owners and key people

Our Contribution

Design and delivery of a number of dedicated workshops ot discuss specific Delers Management contents such as:

Overall Dealer management and operations;

Finance and Management control;

Sales and Service excellence;

People management.

Discussion about real situations and dealers problems were part of the project including some 1:1 coaching sessions with key Dealer owners Guest speakers representing Dealers excellence in other geographical markets has been invited to provide best practices and benchmarking

Achieved Results

Overall Dealers owners and key people competence and management skills improvement

Dealers growth Commercial Plans preparation (horizon 3 years)

Short term improvement actions in different Dealers operational/commercial areas