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Sales Profitable Growth

BSO - Boosting Sales Organization performance

Business / Company

Wood machinery business

Global company

Size 1 billion Eu

Company position in the business: Nr 2

Project Target and Frame

Unlock Sales organization performance potential by:

Reviewing Go To Market;

Increase Sales performance;

Better Manage Distributors network

Focus European Markets

Customer Interface

Managing Director

Division President

Local Markets GMs

Local Markets Sales network (direct and indirect)

Our Contribution

Assess the «As Is» Sales network performance and go to market model within different pilot European Markets

Design the new «To Be» Sales network organization, Sales Roles; KPIs, Rewarding system with the proper fine tune for each of the selected Markets;

Tested the new approach and fine tune the supporting tools for Sales Management

Deployed the new approach through the design, organization and delivery of a number of workshops with all key people in the Sales network.

Achieved Results

More focus on the high potential Customer

Improved Sales network efficiency and effectiveness

Higher profitable Sales