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Facing Innovation

To maximize the impact of your innovative potential on your business, you need a different point of view, an expert sparing partner that can help you to face innovation to create economic value.
In many years of experience, we developed a structure approach we aim to share with you:
Asses: we help you to identify your innovative potential
Boost: we identify where you can improve and we help to do it
Be Compliant: we assure that innovation projects and intangible assets created, are accounted correctly in your company documentation
Execute: we work to exploit your innovation potential answering to 3 simple questions: how do you finance your innovation projects? How do you manage them? How do you reach the your target market?
Innovation is not a stand-alone breakthrough but is the result of a structured attitude that has to pervade all the organization level of your company. This is the only way to obtain the most by disruptive innovation without loosing its potential by the way. A new frontier of innovation consists in the open innovation approach where sharing data and experience is a powerful method to increase the company capacity to innovate.
We have a huge experience in building networks between companies, universities and research centers to foster open innovation systems. Our finance unit Is skilled in designing grants strategies based on European, National or local grants programs to make innovation projects running faster.